If The Buhari Government Is Begging For Ventilators In Public, Imagine What They Beg For In Private – Imam Of Peace

Popular Islamic cleric, Imam of Peace, has taken a shot at the Nigerian government. Recall that yesterday, the Ministry of Finance via its Twitter handle, appealed to UK billionaire businessman, Elon Musk, to help the Nigerian government with ventilators.

Elon Musk, who is the co-founder and CEO at Tesla, tweeted:

“We have extra FDA-approved ventilators. Will ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions. Device & shipping cost are free.

Only requirement is that the vents are needed immediately for patients, not stored in a warehouse. Please me or @Tesla know.”

And the verified Twitter account of Nigeria’s Ministry of Finance replied to the tweet, writing:

“Dear @elonmusk @Tesla Federal Government of Nigeria needs support with 100-500 ventilators to assist with #Covid19 cases arising every day in Nigeria.”

Reacting to the news via his Twitter handle this morning, Imam of Peace wrote:

If the Buhari government is begging for ventilators in public, imagine what they beg for in private. I’m not the one dragging the country, it’s Buhari that drags the country’s reputation through the mud every single day. I wonder if he’s begged Boko Haram for things in the past!!” he tweeted

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