The movie “THORN” is a beautifully scripted Nollywood movie that mirrors the unspoken emotions of many people in the society today. The mental and psychological struggles inherent in adults, some, a cry for help in medication and attention.Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath. Erratic behavior is our natural defense against pain. Like a thorn piercing hard through the skin, when you let pain get the best of you, it brings out the worst in you and you might bleed to death as a resultant effect. Many are living but dead in their soul. Many are long dead in spirit but still existing with their flesh. Like a computer, we give out what life has given to us. We are all products of whatever environments we grew and grow from. Thorn journeys through the experience of a once happy and loving family that lost everything in a blink.Starring; CHACHA EKE FAANI, KEN ERICS UGO, SUSAN ECHA, GEORGE CHUX, BETTY OKAFOR, UGO OKORIE, AMAKA UGWU, GEORGINA IBEH, HELENA DURU, VICTOR RICHIE.Written and Directed by AUSTIN FAANICo-written and Produced by CHACHA EKE FAANICOPYRIGHT GLITTERATI ICONIC MEDIA LTD 2020

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